Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Petit Vour August 2014

My Petit Vour box came early this month, or at least it feels like it. For those of you who don't know what Petit Vours is.
Petit Vour is a vegan monthly subscription box . For $15 you will get 4-5 deluxe sample size and full size luxury vegan beauty products delivered to your mailbox. They also ship to Canada ($23 per box including shipping) and internationally ($30 per box shipped). Petit Vour has also a shop where you can buy the products from previous boxes and some new products as well. Head over to Petit Vour and let them know I send you.This month's theme was Beauty 101 and the box included 5 items, which 2 of them were full sized. You always get your money worth with PV.

In this month's box we had:

1. Earthbody brighten cleanser & mask deluxe size (full size retails for $34)
This is a clay based mask you have to mix yourself. I love masks, so I'm looking forward trying this one out. It is made fresh in San Fransisco, Ca from wholesome, simple ingredients. 

2. Beauty Without Cruelty natural mineral eye defining pencil (full size retails for $18)
I heard of this brand before. They do not use any kind of animal testing for their products or ingredients. This makes me happy. I'm always looking out for the little leaping bunny or cruelty free symbol on my products. 
I got the black eyeliner, not sure if they offered other colors in this month's box or not. I am perfectly happy with a black liner. Black is always in and I actually do not have a pure black liner at the moment, so this is perfect.

3. Rosemira Organics Sweet Coconut Body Butter, tiny sample (fullsize retails for $22)
I wish it was a bigger sample. This is tiny. I think it is smaller than a Quarter. It came melted, no wonder it is summer in Arizona after all, although we have some nice monsoon storms lately and it isn't quite as warm as it normally is. This product smells soooo good. First I thought it was a lip balm, then I saw it was a body butter. Oops. It wasn't very buttery (is that a word?), it was more like melted beeswax or so. After I put it in the fridge to harden up a bit it had the consistency of soft coconut oil. The little jar will probably last 2-3 uses. It smells divine and feels nice, I just wish it was a bit bigger so I could actually try it out for a bit. Bummer.

4. Mi-Me Tangerine Hydrating Lip Butter, full size, retails for $5
This too was melted, so I have to wait to try it. I didn't detected a scent, but I assume it will smell like tangerine. I hope so, that would be so nice. I love lip balms, butters, whatever you want to call them. I use them all the time and have quite a stash by now. So I was really happy that we got one this month with PV. Plus I absolutely adore the packaging. It came in this little test tube. How cute is that? I'm a sucker for cute packaging, so this caught my eye right away. Love Mi-Me some lip balm. Yay!

5. Harvey Prince Journey, sample, full size retails for $55
Ah, Harvey Prince again. I haven't heard or seen this one yet. Journey. I don't know about you, but I see no value in perfume samples in subscription boxes. I can get them anywhere for free. So I wasn't very happy about receiving this one. But I thought if it smells good, at least I will use it. Nope, once again Harvey Prince let me down. This is the thing with perfumes. They are very taste specific and personal. It is hard to find one everyone will like. This one was a bust for me. I don't know what it is with Harvey Prince perfume, but they are just not my taste. I'm in general not a perfume person, I prefer to use essential oils and make my own perfumes. Guess it will stay this way, because this one did not blow me away. It will go in my swap stash in the hopes someone else will like it. But on a positive note, the pattern on the cardboard is gorgeous. Wish they would make fabric with this pattern. 

I really liked the box up to this product. Although I was a bit disappointed in the size of the  body butter. But perfume samples are a big no-no for subscription boxes if you ask me. Hope next month will be better. I really like this subscription box, I like their philosophy, the quality of the products. I just don't like perfume,  especially not sample sized. 

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