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Memebox Superbox #36 Pore Care 3

Yay! Another Memebox unboxing and quick review. At this point, I'm not sure what my mailman must be thinking of me. I receive packages from all over the world. At least I keep all mail delivery services busy and happy. So a few days ago I got another pink box from Seoul, Korea. Memeboxes come directly from Korea and take a bit to get here, especially when they get stuck in customs. But they don't take much longer than packages from the US per snail mail.

For those who don't know what Memebox is here a quick description. Memebox is a Korean beauty retailer that offers beauty boxes you can buy but unlike a subscription box, you don't have monthly recurring charges. You just buy what you like or nothing at all. They have boxes ranging from $15 to $90 plus shipping and you can usually find some coupon codes to save some money. You can check Memebox out here and see if you'll find anything you like.

The Pore 3 box was a superbox, that means that all products in this box are full sized products. Superboxes usually cost a bit more, in this case it was $39 plus shipping (I think I paid $35 with some coupons and points etc). Anyhow, this box came with 6 full size products and had a value of $160.

1. THE SKIN HOUSE Pore Control Powder Serum 50ml Full size product: 50ml, ($28)This Pore Control Powder Serum works to immediately tighten and minimize enlarged pores for a smooth and matte skin texture. It also prevents skin’s oil/moisture imbalance by maintaining it silky soft.
HOW TO USEApply a small amount of the serum over your face and neck and lightly press on with your hands for full absorbance. 
I've tried this serum already for a few days and I must say it does what it claims it would. My pores are a bit tighter, it completely removes the oil and shine from my face and leaves it nice and matte. I will use it in the mornings before applying make up. So far I love it.

2. SECRET KEY Black Out Pore Clean Remover 100ml Full size product: 100ml, ($38)Enriched with white clay and black charcoal, the Black Out Pore Clean Remover works to reach into your pores, remove all blackheads & whiteheads clogged up, moisturize, and tighten up the pores all in one!
HOW TO USEWet a cotton pad with the product and place it over your nose or any other area with excess blackheads & whiteheads. Wait for 10~15 minutes, remove the cotton pad, and use a cotton tip to remove any extracted blackheads and impurities on the skin.
I've used it once. No sure if I did anything wrong or just didn't leave it on long enough, but besides making my skin feel tighter and removing all oilyness from skin it didn't do anything else. Maybe I didn't have any blackheads to remove. That could've have been an option too. My tip would be user error. I will try it again with a bit more of the product and leave it on for a bit longer. 

3. CHAMOS ACACI  Matte Pore Primer 30ml Full size product: 30ml, ($20)This Matte Pore Primer instantly absorbs into your skin and provides a smooth, matte, and velvety layer across the skin in order to smooth out enlarged pores and even out uneven skin tone. It contains salicylic acid which works to sterilize and disinfect the skin for a mattified finish.
HOW TO USEAfter cleansing your face, apply a reasonable amount over your face and massage it onto your pores.
I've tried it this morning for the first time, since I still have other primers to use up first (like the Dr. Brandt pores no more from my August Ipsy bag or the Babyface primer from CutiePieMarzia Memebox) but I just couldn't wait and tried it anyway. It has the same consistency as the Smashbox primer, but it also has some Vitamin E and A as well as salicylic acid, which also helps with acne prone skin. Personally I like this primer the best of all the ones mentioned above. It does visually shrinks my pores and fine lines (not that I have any. hahaha) and it keeps my skin looking matte. For me this is very important. So another product from this box that works (for me) and that I love.

4. TOSOWOONG Deep Pore Foam Cleansing 100ml Full size product: 100ml, ($12)The mild formula and abundant foams work to cleanse away all skin impurities, specifically targeting enlarged pores and sensitive, troublesome skin. Various plant extracts such as green tea, mulberry, and portulca extracts also helps clean, soothe, and deliver vitamins deep into the skin.
It’s best used with a pore brush. Take a reasonable amount of the foam cleanser onto the brush and massage gently into the skin. If without a pore brush, massage using your hands. Then rinse off with warm water.
I don't have a pore brush (wish they had one included) so I used it the old fashioned way with my fingers. It does foam up nicely and I think it does clean my face. I will go get a pore brush, my old face brush went to the same place socks go after you put them in the dryer. My 4 year old says it's Neverland. I guess she might be right. Socks, lip balms and my face brush must be having a great time with Peter Pan and his friends, cause they haven't showed up yet. So I will try this wash with a pore brush again and see if I can get better results.

5. AQUA BEAUTY  Pore Zero Blackhead Remover 50ml Full size product: 50ml, ($34)The soft silicone massaging brush attached and the all-natural essential oil included will effectively and easily remove any blackheads and oils clogging up the pores, making your skin brighter and shinier overall.
HOW TO USEFirst turn the brush counter-clockwise to open it, squeeze out the essential oil from within, and then massage it onto the nose or any other areas with excess blackheads. After 1~2 minutes of massaging, rinse off with warm water.
I have not tried this product. Yet. It has this built in silicone brush that suppose to help getting rid of your blackheads. 

Not sure if it will really do anything, but I will give it a try. Everything to get my pores to shrink and my blackheads to disappear is welcome here. So I hope it does something. 

6. LAILLY +36.5 Steam Pore Pack 50g Full size product: 50g, ($28)Lailly’s unique pore pack uses hot steam effect to open up the pores and clear the skin of any wastes, impurities, sebum, and blackhead piled up in the pores, leaving your skin deeply cleaned and moisturized as well.

HOW TO USESpread the pack adequately over your face and after 15~20 minutes, rinse off with warm water. Then, continue with your usual skincare routine. 
This is the last product in this box. I've tried this last night while watching TV with my hubby, who thought I looked ridiculous. Men. :) It is a grey facial mask which reminds me a bit of clay. 

Here is a picture so you can see what it looks like. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of me with it on. Maybe I will and add it to this post, if you are interested. Just leave me a comment. 
This mask is hot. I mean it does really make your face feel super hot (reminds me a bit of my homemade cinnamon mask without the cinnamon scent). I left it on for maybe 10 minutes, because I couldn't really take it any longer. So I think if you have sensitive skin it might not be the right product for you. While washing it off with warm water, which made it feel even warmer, some must have gotten into my eyes. They too got hot and red. Even after I washed it all off, my face was still hot (think sunburn without the pain). I slathered all the creams and serums I could find on my face to finally cool it off. My face was nice and rosy and smooth. Maybe next time I will take it off with a wash cloth and put a  refrigerated cream on my face afterwards. When they say steam mask, they weren't lying. Nevertheless, I liked it. Maybe not the right think to do at a 100 degrees in Arizona. 
So I hope when I keep using the products I will see a change in my skin. So fqar it is less oily and thanks to the primer my pores are less visible. 
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