Wednesday, November 5, 2014

One month wonder (nightmare) - update on Blue Velveteen

First of all I want to apologize to all my readers about my at the time positive review about a new subscription box called Blue Velveteen that came out in September. I feel bad that maybe some people signed up to this box because of the review I wrote and are now fighting to get their money back.
For some of you who don't know what I am talking about here a quick description. Blue Velveteen was a beauty subscription box that did great marketing before it's launch. Many subscription box lovers, me included, got lured in by the fantastic sounding promises of a new beauty subscription box. For just $10 a month they promised deluxe and full size products, similar to Ipsy just without the bag. It sounded good to me, since I cancelled Ipsy because I was not happy anymore with my bags. BV (Blue Velveteen) posted heavily on social media and advertised high end brands and beauty tips. All looked very professional and promising. I signed up with an early access code and our boxes were promised to come before the launch. Since I hate to wait I thought this was a fantastic idea. The box came before the release date as promised and I liked it. I thought it was a good start for BV. You can find my review here. I found out later, that everyone seemed to have gotten different products, some more (like most bloggers) some less (like me). I found that a bit strange but I let it go. Then everyone else started to receive their boxes and most received less products than the bloggers. So naturally and within their right, people started to question the business practices of BV and got mad. Then people got charged but never received their boxes. Big red flag.
When I first received the box I liked it and thought it was good, but I cancelled because I was just not really feeling it after thinking about it for a while and we were moving, having three places and just a lot of costs coming up that I wanted to save some money and cancel unnecessary things (I got rid of all my subs except one, didn't order any Memeboxes etc. It was hard).
Now hearing what is going on with BV I am so glad I cancelled (without any problems, like others had). As of right now BV is no more. They never came out with a second box or third, even though they charged people. Things got even worse when there was absolutely no communication on their part. They never answered their costumers and even pulled all their accounts from social media. WTF!!!!! The owner of BV claimed to be harassed and cyber bullied, but as far now costumers were just asking where their boxes are or how to get their money back. I heard people got charged for November again. So I don't really know what to say besides WTF and shady shady shady.
I just hope things will get sorted out and people will get reimbursed and the owner of BV will made held responsible for her actions.
I guess no more new subs for me.

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