Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Memebox #14 Zero Cosmetics

Another Memebox unboxing with short review. Looks like I'm busy with my Memeboxes lately. Gotta love Memebox.
This one is the Zero Cosmetics box, it was the second box I've ordered, but I just received it (they have different shipping dates and it comes from Korea). I'm all about chemical free, natural beauty products and this box was described as such. Cosmetics without parabens, phtalates, SLS etc. Free from all the nasties you don't really want on your skin. So I had to jump on this one and get it and boy I'm not disappointed.

The Zero Cosmetics box came with 4 full size products, a set of 4 sheet masks and one deluxe sample size product. Not bad for $23 plus shipping. This box is sold out at the moment, but there are many other boxes available at Memebox, in case you're interested. Memebox is not a subscription box service in the traditional way. You don't have monthly recurring expenses. You just buy what you like or nothing at all. If you are interested in Memebox go here and sign up and go shopping. Right now they will give you 2 Memepoints (which equals $2) just for signing up.
But now to my unboxing.

1. Papa Recipe Bombee Soap 100g $13
It has none of the nasty stuff like petrochemicals, mineral oils etc, but it's made from honey extracts, propolis, jojoba oil and citus seed oil. It even looks like a honey comb from one side.

See. Totally cute. It's a handmade soap and will help moisturize dry, sensitive skin. I bet it smells like honey. At least I hope so. I have not opened it yet, since I have a rather large stash of cleansers and soaps I have to use up first. But I'm excited.

2. Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream 50g $18
Yes you read this right, this cream uses snail mucus and bee venom to nourish, brighten and fight wrinkles and fine lines. It also contains hyaloronic acid, argan oil, and squalane (huh?). You use this cream as the last step of your skin care routine (if you don't have one, it's time you have one. Never too early to start taking care of your skin).

3. ALL Nature Organic Sheet Mask set $6
I love sheet masks and I love that these are made from known super foods and are organic. I like to eat broccoli but I wouldn't put it on my face, but this mask makes it possible. Maybe I can get my hubby to consume broccoli this way? It's worth a try.

4. Easydew Fresh Mild Sunblock SPF 50+, sample size, full size retails for $51
Sun protection is so important. I'm not sure if I have mentioned this in my previous posts, but I'm very strict when it comes to sun protection. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, were it is sunny about 98% of the year and you need protection from the sun year around. So I really love a product like this. It's just a little tube, but it's great to throw into my purse to have some sun screen on hand at all times (I always have a tube of sunscreen in my purse, but they are full sized so this will make it a bit easier and lighter too.).

I love this sun screen. As you can see it just soaks into the skin without being greasy or leaving a white or blueish sheen, like almost all of my sun screens do if I don't rub them in well enough (the happens with natural zinc oxide based sun screen. I never use the normal sunscreens you can buy in any supermarket, because they do more harm than good, because they are loaded with harmful chemicals. Friends, stay away from those and invest in a good natural, zinc based sunscreen. Check out which ones are actually good. Our favorite is from Badger. Has one of the best ratings). Sorry for my little well meant advise. Back to this product. It's a nice sunblock, has a nice scent to it, isn't greasy or leaves a film. Perfect for the face. I'll be using this one for sure.

5. Natures Friend SaeHaneul Eye & Nourishing cream, retails for $30
This is a big, big tube for an eye cream. Sheesh, it's last me forever. This one also doesn't contain any mineral oils, paraben, silicone, ethanol, artificial colorings etc. It helps to treat fine lines and wrinkles, to nourish and regenerate your skin. It is a very lightweight, runny gel, that sinks right into your skin and cools it a bit (maybe it was just me standing under the ceiling fan). I always love some good eye cream and I will use it all the time. I might need a little thicker, creamier one for the winter, will see.

6. Innerface Shy Blossom Soothing Serum, retails for $43
I love everything about it. The packaging is so nice (comes in a triangular box), love the glass bottle and the product itself. There is another thing I can't get enough off, serums. Sometimes I use 5 or more serums all at once on my face. I just can't decide which one I want so I put them all on.
This one has aloe vera and lavender (I love love love lavender btw) to soothe the skin, hyaloronic acid and sacha inchi oil, rich in omega 3,6 and 9 to hydrate and lock in moisture. This serum is packed full with chamomile water, tea tree water, sweet almond, evening primrose, olive and lavender. All the good stuff. It smells nice and herbaly (one of my beloved -y words). I'm totally  all over this product. It is soooooooo nice. Again, one product I will buy again, if I can find it for a better price.

See all those labels on the side? Love it. It has my beloved cruelty free logo, it's vegan, paraben free, etc. This makes me happy. I know I'm putting good stuff on my skin. After all, the skin is out largest organ and it absorbs the stuff you put on it. So not only should you eat healthy, you should put good stuff on your skin, cause it will end up in your body just as other things do.

I really, really love this box. I love all those chemical free or less chemical products. They all are very nice, all useful items. I'm so happy I got this box. It is sold out, but I'm hoping Memebox will add a second one soon. So here is a shout out to Memebox. Come up with a new Zero Cosmetics box, I will buy it for sure.

If you like Memebox go here and see what boxes you like. You sign up, but there is no monthly subscription, nor do you have to buy anything (but I'm sure you will). Right now, if you sign up, you will get 2 Memepoints, which equal $2. You can spend them right away if you like.

On Friday, August 22, 2014 they will have great box coming out. Called the Jackpot box. For $32 you will get at least $60 worth of products but you can win a box with a value of $1000. Go check it out here.

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    1. Hope they will make a Zero Cosmetics 2 box. I will buy that one too, for sure.

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