Monday, September 15, 2014

Making another list

I thought after mentioning companies with great customer service it is time to start a list with worst customer service experiences. First I wasn't sure to go this route, but I'm trying to get a hold of  a company I ordered some make up from for almost 10 days and I still haven't gotten a response. I sound like this crazy lady, but I'm seriously annoyed now. I called, no one answers, so I left a message, sent emails, posted on their Facebook page, sent direct messages but still haven't heard back.
You want to know what happened? I ordered an eye shadow palette with some extras from Too Faced during their sale they had. After over a week of ordering I finally received my products, which were poorly packaged and due to this one of the eye shadows in the palette shattered and got the product all over my items. Not a big deal, every customer service would say hey we are sorry this happened to you and we will get you a new one out as soon as possible or refund your money. Not Too Faced. I haven't heard a peep from them. Not hey we are working on getting this resolved, no a We are sorry. Nothing.

I even sent photos to document and prove that my order was damaged. I know there are worse things in this world than a little broken eye shadow. It just irks me, that a well known, big company like Too Faced treats their customers like that.
Not only did I get a broken eye shadow, the lip gloss that was part of this box was old and smelled rancid. I'm not making things up and I'm not the only one. Their Facebook page is full of complaints and people have the exact same problem. I guess at their great sale they sold old, damaged products. Would've been nice to know ahead of time.

So Too Faced is my number 1 for worst customer service. I just hope they will fix this, because I am not happy with the whole situation. And I'm pretty sure I will never order from them again, even though they have really nice products. I will rather give my money to companies that stand behind their products.

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