Thursday, September 4, 2014

Launch of the Blue Velveteen box

Blue Velveteen is a brand new beauty subscription box that just launched this month. I got lucky and received one of their pre-release boxes, before they ship out the September box in the middle of the month.
Blue Velveteen cost $10 per month and you will receive handselected beauty products and trendy glamour items shipped to your door. Although their target group is teenagers (or anyone else who likes beauty products?) I thought I will give them a try after the disaster with another subscription service. So I was excited when I found the package from Blue Velveteen in my mailbox today.
You can check them out here or on their Facebook page or Twitter page.
But now to the long awaited box.

This is the box. I think it's cute and I like the blue and gold BV in the middle. Although A sturdier box wouldn't require another box to be shipped in. Just my opinion.
Let's open it.

It came nicely wrapped in dark blue tissue paper and was wrapped with a blue velvet bow (sorry was too excited and opened it before I took a picture).

Oooooh, so far I like what I am seeing. Like the blue touches. Nice job Blue Velveteen. When I opened the box I noticed the nice smell so I knew there would be some kind of "perfumy" stuff in there.

The Red Cherry eyelashes caught my eye right away. Although I'm blessed with thick, long, black eyelashes, once in a while I like to add some va-voom and then these will come in handy. A little bit grossed out that they are made from human hair, but they look really really nice.

A sample of a fantastic product. Macadamia natural oil Nourishing Leave-in Cream. Nice sample. Super excited to try it out.

Another great item. Sexy bath and body body wash by Sexy Hair in lavender chamomile. This is a nice size item. It will last me a while. Plus I absolutely love the scent. Very calming. I give this another thumbs up.

Ciate mini nail polish in a nice glittery blue. I am one of those people that cannot have too many nail polishes. I'm bad I know. But I must confess I don't own a blue glitter one. I do now and I love it.

There is more in this box. A perfume sample. Usually I am not a fan of perfume samples in subscription boxes, but I really like the scent of this one. Escada Ocean Lounge. It smells like summer, it smells young, sweet and a bit fruity.

Another item in this box. It's a cute blue hair tie (see what I was talking about with the theme?). I love this one. Please tell me I'm not the only one who goes and buys a 50 pack of hair bands and when you need one you can't find them. I always seem to lose them somewhere (in purses, behind the bed in the laundry hamper, dryer,...). I really like that she included a little accessory in this box.

Last product in this box was this cute blue velvety bag with an eye shadow. NYX Ultra Pearl Mania lose powder. At least I assume it is an eye shadow. I love this brand (affordable, cruelty free and good quality) but I am not a fan of blue eye shadows. But since this is a lose powder I'm thinking about adding some of this to some body lotion to add a little shimmer to it. In the hopes it won't turn me into a Smurf.

So all in all I must say this is a very nice box, especially for the price of $10 shipped. But, and yes there is always a but. I saw the shipping price on the box it came in and I have no idea how Blue Velveteen can make any money on this (nicely curated) box, if you calculate the packaging and all the stuff in it, there is not really anything left over. Hope for them they can figure a better shipping method out for the future, cause I think they have a good thing going here.
Also, I would like a little card with some info about the products or the company. Something to think about it for the future as well.
For a very first box from a little company I must say I am really impressed and I hope they can keep up with this. So if you like what you are seeing and want to sign up, there is a code for $2 off right now (not sure for how long). Go to their website, add the code Beeju and tell them I send you (no I am not getting any kick backs. Yet? lol.).
I really like this box and can't wait what you all have to say about this.


  1. Thank you for the unboxing of the Blue Velveteen box. What is your favorite product in the box? Your blog is great!


    1. I think my favorite is the shower gel. I'm going on a trip soon and this will be perfect to take with me. As well as the macadamia leave in treatment.

  2. Most of these companies get the samples for free or almost free or wholesale from the companies, so they probably still make money. I think the companies also sometimes pay to have their products included because it's good advertising. I have been waiting for a review about this box and think it might be time to give it a shot!

    Taylor Lynn

    1. That's what I thought but to start out with a brand new box it takes a while to get all the good stuff. I mean most of the really nice boxes didn't started out that great but have now amazing products in it that are worth a lot more than the price of the box.

  3. Those lashes are actually my favorite lashes to use! Excited to receive my box, I hope I get it soon!

    1. Let us know what you got. Hope you will like it as well.

  4. Thank you everyone. I was a bit nervous about this box but I was pleasantly surprised. I hope the other boxes will be just as good.

  5. Hi Anette! Well I got the same stuff in my box too except I also got a NYX lipgloss and my perfume was a different scent and I got a different NYX shadow in mine, but I must say I was extremely happy with my 1st box and thought they did a great job! I also love the little blue hair tie and the blue ribbon that was used to keep the paper shut when you opened the lid.. I am planning on using it for my daughter as a hair tie also, so that's a definite plus! So all in all I was happy with everything too!! And you did an Awesome job on your review too, as always, keep up the GREAT work!! ;)

  6. Just to let you know, the Sexy bath and body stuff is expired and the lady has ripped off over 100 people. She also deleted all comments from the Facebook page since she stopped shipping out boxes.

    there is an FBI investigation into the business.

    1. Thank you Jenna for letting me know. I was very busy lately (we were moving out of state, no internet, got sick etc) that I was slacking a bit with my blog. I heard about the problems with BV and I'm thinking about either deleting this post or writing a new one explaining the things that are going on with them. I cancelled after the first box, because despite my initial positive review I just deid not feel very good about this box. Too late to mention now. Sorry. I hope everyone still involved in this chaos and the unlawful practices of this company will get reimbursed and everything will work out. Something like this is shameful and makes it hard to trust new upcoming companies.